Connecticut Political Landscape

Congress- Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) defeated Republican Linda McMahon to become Connecticut’s next U.S. Senator.

Congressmen Larson (CT-1,) Courtney (CT-2,) DeLauro (CT-3,) and Himes (CT-4) all won their re-election bids.  In a tight race in Connecticut’s competitive Fifth District, Elizabeth Esty defeated Republican State Sen. Andrew Roraback.

CT State Senate- Prior to Election Day, the State Senate was made up of 22 Democrats and 14 Republicans. In the end, the makeup of the Senate remains the same. Only one incumbent, Republican State Sen. Len Suzio, lost his reelection bid while four senators retired.

District                                                New Senator              Previous Officeholder          


Dante Bartolomeo (D)

Len Suzio (R)


Catherine Osten (D)

Edith Prague (D) Retired


Andres Ayala (D)

Ed Gomes (D) Lost primary


Clark Chapin (R)

Andrew Roraback (R) Congress


Art Linares (R)

Eileen Daily (D) Retired

The Leadership of the State Senate is not expected to change.  Senate President Don Williams and Senate Majority Leader Marty Looney will maintain their posts as will Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.

Democrats also stopped Republicans from gaining significant control over the next state budget. Although Democrats still have a majority of seats in the legislature, early financial reports show that the budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year would have to spend several hundred millions of dollars in excess of the constitutional spending cap in order to maintain all services at current levels.

But the cap also can be circumvented if the legislature and governor see eye-to-eye. If the governor signs a declaration of fiscal "exigency," effectively declaring a budgetary emergency, the legislature can expend dollars in excess of the cap with a 60 percent vote in both chambers. That means 91 votes in the 151-member House and at least 22 out of 36 in the Senate. If Republicans had gained a 15th Senate seat, limiting Democrats to 21, they could have blocked any proposals to allow further cap exceptions in 2013.

CT State House- Heading into Election Day, House Democrats held 99 of the 151 seats.  Yesterday’s election likely keeps the status quo in the House and Democrats should retain a 99-52 advantage. Two seats could move to a possible recount in the coming days. Three incumbents likely lost their reelection bids. Below is a list of new House members, along with their district and the previous officeholder.

             District                            New Representative                 Previous Officeholder


Angel Arce (D)

Kelvin Roldan (D) Lost nomination


Brandon McGee (D)

Marie Kirkley-Bey (D) Retired


Edwin Vargas (D)

Hector Robles (D) Lost primary


Joe Diminico (D)

Jack Thomson (D) Retired


John Hamptin (D)

Linda Schofield (D) Retired


Mike Demicco (D)

Bill Wadsworth (R) Lost


Melissa Ziobron (R)

Gail Hamm (D) Retired


Tom Vicino (D)

Jim Crawford (D) State Senate


Timothy Bowles (D)

Tom Reynolds (D) State Senate


Emmett Riley (D)

Melissa Olsen (D) Retired


Brian Sear (D)

Chris Coutu (R) State Senate


David Alexander (D)

Kathy Tallarita (D) Lost nomination


Jay Case (R)

John Rigby (R) Retired


Cecilia Buck-Taylor (R)

Clark Chapin (R) State Senate


Victor Cuevas (D)

David Aldorando (D) Lost nomination


Dave Zoni (D)

Zeke Zalaski (D) Retired


Hilda Santiago (D)

Chris Donovan (D) Congress



Lezlye Zupkus (R)

Vicki Nardello (D) Lost


Michael D’Agostino (D)

Peter Villano (D) Retired


Theresa Conroy (D)

Len Greene (R) Lost, likely recount


Mitch Bolinsky (R)

Chris Lyddy (D) Retired, likely recount


David Arconti (D)

Joe Taborsak (D) Retired


James Maroney (D)

Dick Roy (D) Retired


Dave Rutigliano (R)

T.R. Rowe (R) Retired


Tom O’Dea (R)

John Hetherington (R) Retired


Christina Ayala (D)

Andres Ayala (D) State Senate


Steve Walko (R)

Lile Gibbons (R) Retired

The House Republican Leadership is not expected to change.  Rep. Cafero will maintain his position of Leader and Reps. Candelora and Klarides will continue to be the Deputies.

House Democrats are expected to meet in the near future to elect Rep. Brendan Sharkey of Hamden as the new Speaker of the House. There is currently a race for House Majority Leader between Rep. Joe Aresimowicz of Berlin and Rep. Jeff Berger of Waterbury. The makeup of the legislative committees should be revealed in mid to late December.



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